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UFT survey: Majority of schools still waiting on curriculum

One in five schools using the city’s new Common Core reading curriculum are still waiting for materials to be delivered, according to preliminary results from a survey conducted by the United Federation of Teachers.

The union is polling chapter leaders in all elementary and middle schools and so far received 125 responses. Nearly two-thirds of schools are still without some Common Core math curriculum, according to the survey.

A city spokeswoman said that 100 percent of text books have been delivered. But the curriculum also includes teacher guides and “curriculum maps,” which include chronological instructions for what, when and how lessons should be taught. It’s these supplemental materials that the chapter leaders said they’re still waiting on.

The DOE promised that these materials would be in teachers’ hands by now, but teachers all over the system are telling us that they still don’t have all the supplies they need to teach to the common core,” said UFT President Michael Mulgrew.

Publishers have made much of the missing materials available online and principals have advised teachers to print the guides until they arrive.

Schools weren’t required to use the city’s recommended curricula, but nearly 87 percent of schools have elected to do so. A union spokeswoman said its survey results do not count schools that opted out.

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