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Remainders: At UFT offices, Thompson talking next steps

  • Bill Thompson joined supporters to discuss whether to concede the mayoral primary. (Capital NY)
  • Fear of the unknown is why many teachers are picking an observation model. (GS Community)
  • A teacher fears the Common Core won’t help poor students develop crucial tech skills. (Schoolbook)
  • An argument that no reading content is too hard, as long as it’s taught well. (Post-Standard)
  • In a country where free speech was dangerous, schools are craving conversation. (Doing Dialogue)
  • In a Democratic city, Joe Lhota’s pro-charter position could win him votes. (The Charter Blog)
  • A sports-themed Bedford-Stuyesant charter school is earning national attention. (CBS News)
  • New York State is spending $400 less per pupil than it did before the 2008 recession. (GS in Brief)
  • Why parents should be nice — or at least respectful — to their child’s teachers. (Motherlode)
  • A national report on the second chance test for adults seeking a high school degree. (RadioWorks)