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Remainders: De Blasio leads in exit polls; schools a top concern

  • Exit polls from today’s mayoral primary show Bill de Blasio in the lead and education a big issue. (NYT)
  • As a reminder, de Blasio wants to raise taxes to pay for pre-K. See all of his positions. (Next Edu Mayor)
  • Dante de Blasio is a big deal in his dad’s campaign ads, but not so much at his high school. (Daily Intel)
  • A student at M.S. 114 in Manhattan designed the “I voted” stickers handed out at polls today. (City Room)
  • A teacher who hates memorization weighs when it’s appropriate to allow cheat sheets. (Atlantic Edu)
  • A Long Island principal lists issues with the state’s evaluation system and his own score. (Answer Sheet)
  • Before and after school, schoolkids make up a third of New Yorkers hit by cars. (Transportation Nation)
  • Here’s another look at what today’s Teach for America study says and what it doesn’t. (Dana Goldstein)