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Remainders: Inside the UFT’s efforts to campaign for Thompson

  • Chinese food wasn’t enough to get NYC Educator to campaign for Bill Thompson. (NYC Educator)
  • Inside a charter school’s first-year teacher training, by the author of this GS post. (Amy Schultz)
  • Gallup poll: The longer teachers stay in the classroom, the less engaged they become. (Ed Week)
  • Inside one of the lesson plans of the I.S. 318 chess teacher Paul Tough profiled. (Lizzy Knows All)
  • One of those made-for-viral “you know you are an X when” lists — for education reform. (BuzzFeed)
  • In a survey, early childhood educators said students don’t have enough time to explore. (Answer Sheet)
  • A common standards booster says about 10 percent of schools don’t need them. (Fordham)