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Remainders: An inverse link between ed policy and basketball

  • As “school reform” grew, starting in the 1970’s, city high school basketball withered. (GothamHoops)
  • Jose Vilson explains why he keeps working all summer, even though he doesn’t “have to.” (CTQ)
  • Barnes and Noble and other booksellers are catching on to the Common Core. (Curriculum Matters)
  • A police officer who fatally hit a Brooklyn teacher might’ve been on the phone while driving. (Gothamist)
  • A Brazilian school’s unique approach to teaching grammar got kids tweeting with celebrities. (Buzzfeed)
  • With test scores nearing, a reminder that New York City data presentation can be misleading. (Shanker)
  • Upper West Side parents are battling over the cobblestone quality of P.S. 166’s playground. (Observer)
  • More on the “hackathon” that the Department of Education and Spotify held last week. (Fast Company)
  • Stuyvesant’s newspaper editor says high schoolers are ready for a role in the mayor’s race. (Daily Intel)