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Remainders: A beloved recess-extension plan has downsides

  • Jay Mathews offers a snippet of authentic talk from master teacher Rafe Esquith’s room. (Class Struggle)
  • A much-heralded 20-minute expansion of recess in Chicago’s schools faces steep challenges. (Catalyst)
  • Democracy Prep Charter High School’s graduation gets the “Talk of the Town” treatment. (New Yorker)
  • Marcus Winters of the Manhattan Institute: The next mayor should support charter schools. (City Journal)
  • Joel Rose describes the “Teach to One” instructional plan in his New Classrooms model. (EdTech K-12)
  • A city private school is offering 50 percent scholarships for students who want to contribute. (Beekman)
  • A tech innovator says Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were both right and wrong about education. (Quartz)
  • A new novel about a pedophile teacher adds to the tumult about teachers who are bad people. (TIME)