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Remainders: State reworked school grades after one fell short

  • Indiana changed its school grading system after finding a prominent charter school would rank low. (AP)
  • A Twitter tussle over enrollment data prompted a closer look at Democracy Prep. (Commonal)
  • Caroline Kennedy, who once fundraised for the city schools, is new ambassador to Japan. (Times)
  • NYC Teachers will be reimbursed up to $57 for personal expenses on classroom supplies. (GS Tumblr)
  • A proposal to administer standardized tests not at the end, but the beginning of the school year. (Fong)
  • Watch out for a new website that will catalog all the data the U.S. Department of Ed collects. (Politics K12)
  • Math teachers: Common Core standards are more rigorous, but training is lax. (Curriculum Matters)
  • Three keys to better schools: “a common curriculum, sound lessons, and authentic literacy.” (ACSD)
  • 10 lessons for new teachers, from learn the custodian’s name to don’t put discipline first. (Justin Tarte)