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Remainders: Detroit’s lessons for NYC’s next teachers contract

  • A union blogger says Detroit’s demise will strengthen the city’s resolve in contract talks. (Ed in the Apple)
  • In Argentina, a teacher found a global safe schools movement for LGBT students. (Feminist Teacher)
  • Leading IT executives aren’t using schools to spark an technological interest in students. (CIO.com)
  • A first glimpse at the city’s complex high school admissions process startled many families. (Schoolbook)
  • Bill Thompson, the UFT’s pick for mayor, has close ties to company that clashed with labor. (WNYC)
  • Texas’ bid to skip testing in the lower grades must go through the federal government. (Texas Tribune)
  • A former teacher, citing her tenure in schools, derided Anthony Weiner at a press event today. (Politicker)
  • Pam Cantor outlines ways to deal with disruptive behavior besides the police. (District Administration)