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Remainders: Esquith on how test culture affects good teachers

  • Rafe Esquith: In test-obsessed schools, “Good teachers are becoming an endangered species” (WNYC)
  • Former teacher Lea Crusey is Democrats for Education Reform’s new deputy director. (DFER)
  • An ed policy fellow wrote that the sky is falling on national Common Core standards… (Flypaper)
  • …While another ed policy fellow said the Chicken Little warnings are unwarranted. (Flypaper)
  • Lisa Nielsen discussed ways for teachers and administrators to use Twitter. (Innovative Educator)
  • Democrats for Education Reform founder threw support behind Spitzer for comptroller. (NY Post)
  • Charter school head hunters want to recruit Ivy Leaguers as school leaders. (Hechinger Report)
  • Surveys find happiness isn’t the best measure of student progress, school quality. (Greater Education)
  • EdWeek wants to know how K-12 public schools have been impacted by sequestration. (Politics K-12)