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Remainders: Former StudentsFirst flack misstepped in new role

  • A former spokesman for StudentsFirst sent passive aggressive tweet to Stringer’s flack. (Politicker)
  • An AFT report argues K-12 testing is too costly and schools should invest in better tests. (EdWeek)
  • A teacher suggested questions for beginning of year student questionnaire. (Fourth Dimension)
  • A teacher asked how the state will cut test scores and whether they can be trusted. (Ed In The Apple)
  • A blogger writes that “high-stakes” is a misnomer: All tests should have stakes attached. (Eduflack)
  • Could K-12 schooling use the same kind of bankruptcy that Detroit is going through? (EdWeek)
  • Here’s a rundown of what mayoral candidates say about education policy, similar to ours. (Atlantic)
  • A teacher says new evaluations will distract from educating students and is a bad investment. (DOENuts)
  • A city parent on the frustration of being waitlisted for a gifted and talented program. (InsideSchools)
  • A new study showed principals are more likely to overlook at-risk girls. (Education by the Numbers)