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Remainders: Beginning to imagine the city’s next chancellor

  • A retired teacher and union activist outlines desired traits for the next chancellor. (Ed in the Apple)
  • A funder of local initiatives argues that lenders should be more open to charter schools. (MarketWatch)
  • Most states have considered education policy bills written by privatization advocates. (ThinkProgress)
  • A techie has developed a new product designed to revitalize schools’ aging computers. (Entrepreneur)
  • A roundup of New York City mayoral candidates’ education plans, with a national eye. (District Dossier)
  • Channeling E. Browning, Fred Smith asks “How do they loathe us?” about state officials. (Ed Notes)
  • A primer on public education by a Michigan teacher has long and short versions. (Answer Sheet)
  • With state test scores due out soon, here’s a look back at one family that opted out. (GS in Brief)
  • GothamSchools had a slow news week but a big week offline. Congratulations to Elizabeth and to Geoff!