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Remainders: A teacher responds to Walcott’s end-of-year letter

  • A teacher responds to Chancellor Walcott’s end-of-year letter with one of her own. (Critical Classrooms)
  • Amendments under consideration to NCLB would address the scope of state testing. (Politics K-12
  • A “digital badge” program in Chicago offers students some non-remedial summer learning. (Catalyst)
  • A technology coordinator at NYSED wants to be Iowa’s schools superintendent. (Des Moines Register)
  • Study: When students were paid for a test that usually doesn’t count, they did better. (TC Record)
  • A parent questions the value of the (expensive) community service industrial complex. (Insideschools)
  • A radio show host offered to pay Trayvon Martin’s friend’s college tuition in full. (Black America Web)
  • Anatomy of Mayor Bloomberg’s relationship with the UFT, with an eye toward the future. (Brooklyn Rail)