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Remainders: Should schools try to prevent childhood obesity?

  • A former ed reporter asks whether educators should make sure kids eat healthy. (Educated Reporter)
  • New York gave high-poverty schools $62 million to replace lost federal funds. (The New York World)
  • Wisconsin teacher Pernille Ripp writes about the power of student blogging.
  • City education advocates respond to the NYT’s recent op-ed “A New Education Mayor.” (Times)
  • In Minnesota, segregation is common between district and charter schools. (Hechinger Reporter)
  • The conservative American Enterprise Institute lists things to know about the Common Core. (AEI)
  • Defying the Obama administration, California refuses to grade performance of teachers. (L.A. Times)
  • Pennsylvania is preparing for new teacher and principal evaluation systems this fall. (Lehigh Valley)
  • Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio answers a New Yorker’s question about co-locations. (Times)