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Rise & Shine: Boston says no to request for teacher ratings data

  • Boston rejected a public information request for individual teachers’ performance ratings. (Boston Globe)
  • The city’s per-pupil spending skyrocketed under Mayor Bloomberg, but achievement didn’t. (Daily News)
  • Charter school funding especially ballooned as the number of charter schools increased. (Daily News)
  • For the first time, a probation office held a GED graduation ceremony for young adults it works with. (NY1)
  • The union that represents parent coordinators protested Anthony Weiner’s proposal to cut the role. (Post)
  • The city had one civil rights complaint about schools dropped as another one looms. (GothamSchools)
  • The New York Times says Congress has allowed states to go too far with testing and should pull back.
  • Buffalo school officials aren’t sure how to interpret the state education chief’s intervention. (Buffalo News)
  • In Buffalo, Republican Carl Paladino brings his confrontational approach to the school board. (Times)