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Remainders: Around the world, one classroom at a time

  • Classroom portraits from 19 nations offer a piercing lens into learning around the world. (Brain Pickings)
  • John King ordered Buffalo to give up control of two schools with paltry graduation rates. (Buffalo News)
  • The mild-mannered King was unusually scathing in his criticism of Buffalo’s district. (School Zone)
  • A former English teacher, now a congressman, is using a red pen to grade GOP memos. (Happy Place)
  • Former CNN anchor Campbell Brown spoke about her new education advocacy campaign. (City & State)
  • Protestors against Anthony Weiner’s proposal to layoff school staff took the fight to his house. (Politicker)
  • A teacher finds an effective strategy for designing lessons also works for his students. (After the Bell)
  • The president of StudentsFirst announced he is leaving after less than a year on the job. (Politico)
  • New York state ed has a new blog to track all the excitement at its training events. (NTINotebook)