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Rise & Shine: Summer school is expanding beyond remediation

  • Many districts, including New York City, are expanding summer school beyond remediation. (Times)
  • Whether city students get connected with summer programs is often a matter of luck. (GothamSchools)
  • As charter schools add high schools, many do not accept new students in the new grades. (City Limits)
  • A drop in enrollment means that P.S. 119 in East Flatbush must cut seven teachers. (Daily News)
  • New Yorkers who have finished part of the GED are rushing to finish it before it changes, with help. (NY1)
  • More on the UFT report showing college-readiness disparities between high schools. (Daily News)
  • Anthony Weiner tackled the idea of moving past mistakes in a graduation speech Saturday. (Daily News)
  • A Georgia judge dismissed efforts to get charges dropped against educators accused of cheating. (WSJ)
  • Pennsylvania’s governor presented a plan to bail out Philadelphia’s strapped-for-cash schools. (Inquirer)
  • Three policy wonks with education experience say Common Core critics make good points. (Daily News)