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Remainders: On evals, what Bloomberg wanted then vs. now

  • The city’s evaluation plan lacks some of Bloomberg’s demands circa 2010, Michael Mulgrew says. (NY1)
  • It might be “cute to jive” but good grammar is key for jobs later in life, Mayor Bloomberg said. (Politicker)
  • A bipartisan group of lawmakers and education officials agree that testing has gone too far. (Saratogian)
  • Matt Yglesias notes that people on either side of the polarized education debate are still teachers. (Slate)
  • Marketplace wrapped up its yearlong series on a Cincinnati community school that’s become a model.
  • Two New York City nonprofit heads lay out their vision for arts education under the next mayor. (AM-NY)
  • The black community celebrated the evocative life of education activist Jitu Weusi. (Amsterdam News)
  • New York is ground zero for a brewing battle in education reform over teacher evaluations. (Governing)