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Remainders: Parsing the city’s new teacher evaluation rules

  • A city teacher examines the 40 percent-equals-100 percent teacher evaluations issue. (Gary Rubinstein)
  • A parent and self-proclaimed math geek tries to figure out why states want new evaluations. (BaristaNet)
  • A researcher found questionable value for student surveys in colleges. (Psych Today via The Brilliant)
  • Watch a Bronx chemistry teacher help her students turn liquid into fire (but safely). (PBS Newshour)
  • Stand for Children’s CEO: Parent engagement is a weakness, even though it’s good for kids. (Hechinger)
  • Prom season is upon the city, and that means some parents are forking over hard cash. (SchoolBook)
  • Jose Vilson: It’s that time of year when students suddenly ask about their progress. (Collaborateurs)
  • A teacher says the graduate classes she had as a Teaching Fellow were abysmal. (View from The Bronx)
  • Cleveland’s new contract with its teachers union includes a differentiated pay plan. (Teacher Beat)
  • The music-streaming service Spotify and the DOE are hosting an event for music teachers. (EdSurge)
  • A city teacher shared his preparations for making a presentation during tomorrow’s PD day. (B Niche)