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Humans of New York stumps for I.S. 318’s chess team


From humansofnewyork:

Perhaps the most inspiring story in New York right now is the I.S. 318 Chess Team. I.S. 318 is a junior high school in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s students face many challenges. Over 60% come from families below the federal poverty level. Year after year, however, I.S. 318 turns out the most respected junior high chess team in the nation. They’ve won several national championships. Last year, they became the first junior high team in history to win the National HIGH SCHOOL championship. Here is team coordinator John Galvin, pictured with one of his chess superstars, Kevin. Both of Kevin’s parents emigrated from Mexico, and currently work hard in the restaurant industry so that Kevin can have every opportunity possible. Kevin is currently the 3rd highest ranked player at I.S. 318. Your parents have to be so proud, I said. Oh yeah, he answered. Currently the I.S. 318 Chess Team facebook page has 318 likes. Can we show these amazing kids some support?