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Rise & Shine: Personal experience informs candidates’ ed views

  • Mayoral candidates’ education views are informed by their experiences as parents and students. (Times)
  • Only a quarter of students at the city’s new tech high schools are girls. (Daily NewsGothamSchools)
  • We broke down the points of dispute over evaluations and who “won” in the end. (GothamSchools 1, 2)
  • Some teachers will be rated in part on their school’s scores on tests in subjects they don’t teach. (Post)
  • The Daily News says State Education Commissioner John King mostly got the evaluation plan right.
  • Critics of standardized testing say they are feeling sentiments shift in the city and beyond. (SchoolBook)
  • Michael Powell: City Catholic school teachers are being hung out to dry as their schools close. (Times)
  • Gov. Cuomo gave competitive grants to few school districts and distributed less than planned. (Gannett)