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Remainders: In a nearby suburb, a bear and a teachers contract

  • A bear prowling around town caused Montclair, N.J., to lock down all of its schools today. (Times)
  • Montclair teachers also got a new three-year contract today after contentious negotiations. (Patch)
  • A 14-year teacher quits, saying, “Everything I loved about teaching is extinct.” (YouTube via EdSurge)
  • A city teacher: New evaluations could prompt good discussions but won’t solve anything. (Jose Vilson)
  • A California teacher lets his students doodle on their desks after they’ve finished working. (HuffPo)
  • The New York City Parents Union opposes Weiner’s proposal to end parent coordinators. (Politicker)
  • David Sirota: Reality about the influence of poverty is finally catching up to school reformers. (Salon)
  • A homeschooling mom says schools shouldn’t fret about cheating that works in business. (Answer Sheet)
  • A legislator and an FCC member call for an expansion of federal support for school bandwidth. (Politico)
  • Days after spelling it in dramatic fashion, Arvind Mahankali has tasted his first knaidel. (City Room)
  • At least one local makes it onto a wonk’s annual list of young people changing education. (Sara Mead)