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Remainders: In California, a 40-year-old teacher evaluation law

  • In California, a 40-year-old law is inducing teacher evaluations based on test scores. (CIR/Hechinger)
  • A mom confesses that she’s just out of steam on parenting by the end of the school year. (Jen Hatmaker)
  • Sara Mosle: We need a Race to the Cool to air-condition schools during the hot summer. (Opinionator)
  • Central Brooklyn sixth-graders who say they don’t get homework rock a breakout metal band. (Noisey)
  • The gains for children that the federal stimulus fueled are being whittled away. (American Prospect)
  • A visiting poet offers an account of a morning working with New York City students. (Brooklyn Rail)
  • Alan Singer: Newsday’s reports about cheating on Long Island reflect a battle against teachers. (HuffPo)
  • In a letter, city officials point out that New York City suspends students less often than Baltimore. (Times)
  • A teacher who wrote about tenure changes says the effects are far-reaching. (School Justice Solutions)
  • Australia is running into cost and execution issues when replicating Joel Klein’s policies. (Australian)
  • MORE, a UFT caucus, wants a “coordinated grievance campaign” against evaluations. (GS in Brief)