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Remainders: Teacher group takes name that’s unsafe for school

  • The brand-new “Badass Teachers Association” announced itself with a phone call campaign. (Take Part)
  • Big-city mayors pat themselves on the back for education reforms that they have spearheaded. (Politico)
    I.S. 276, a new Lower Manhattan middle school, celebrated its first graduation. (Downtown Express)
  • In a letter to the editor, Billy Easton says charter advocates are sitting out the mayor’s race. (Crain’s NY)
  • Dallas is set to start summer school with larger-than-planned classes due to a teacher shortage. (NBC 5)
  • Jack Cahn, who’s contesting Stuyvesant’s election, says his parents warned about reporters. (Daily Intel)
  • Stuyvesant gave an honorary diploma to a student who died when she was a sophomore. (SchoolBook)
  • A school year after “The Irreplaceables,” only some cities, including New York, have taken action. (TNTP)
  • A high school basketball coach in Yonkers came out, citing NBAer Jason Collins as inspiration. (Times)