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Rise & Shine: Sparring over what a UFT Thompson nod means

In New York City:

  • Ongoing problems with Regents exam scoring continued into the weekend. (GothamSchoolsTimes)
  • Also, educators are worried that the English Regents exam has grown too difficult. (GothamSchools)
  • Howard Wolfson: The UFT’s support for Bill Thompson puts city schools on a precipice. (Daily News)
  • Michael Mulgrew: The city says its fiscal picture is worse than it is to avoid giving raises. (Daily News)
  • As we reported earlier this month, entrepreneur Jack Hidary is considering a mayoral bid. (Times)
  • Also as we reported, Stuyvesant High School’s student election results are being contested. (Times)
  • In education and other areas, Mayor Bloomberg quieted critics with large personal donations. (Post)
  • The city is recruiting dentists to operate oral health clinics in 15 schools starting next year. (Post)
  • The city wants more children taking advantage of free summer meals; only a handful do. (Daily News)
  • P.S. 54 in Bedford-Stuyvesant has been honored for its broad efforts to reduce child obesity. (NY1)
  • A Manhattan teacher is up for a “Hometown Heroes” prize for helping high-need students. (Daily News)
  • Campbell Brown found that few educators found to have acted inappropriately were fired. (Daily News)
  • Robert Jackson: De-zoning uptown schools would weaken choice and parent engagement. (Daily News)
  • The Post says it’s hard to hold ed schools accountable when their graduates’ performance is obscured.

And elsewhere:

  • Colorado ruled that a school district’s bathroom instructions wronged a transgender six-year-old. (Times)
  • As more information about students moves online, data security concerns are on the rise. (Times)
  • Two more educators were arrested in a teacher certification cheating scandal out of Memphis. (Times)
  • An MIT graduate student found that Boston’s charter schools helped very needy students. (Boston Globe)
  • Some in Chicago are asking why the city is closing schools but helping a college get a stadium. (Times)
  • East Rockaway, L.I.,  students who were hit hard by Sandy got a fairytale prom thanks to donors. (WSJ)
  • Unlike England, Scotland is turning to a system that minimizes the role for national tests. (Times)