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Remainders: Lesson plans for the restless middle school boy

  • A teacher argues that punishing boys doesn’t work, but offers some lessons that might. (Atlantic)
  • An Assembly bill, likely to die, would allot more aid to charter-heavy districts.  (CapCon)
  • An award-winning teacher shares his fears about the forthcoming evaluations. (GS Community)
  • An argument to toss “Goodnight Moon” from nighttime ritual and replace it with bedtime math. (NPR)
  • Matt DiCarlo: Kids can wait if it means they’re waiting for good policy making (Shanker Blog)
  • As school ends for Newtown elementary students, the summer presents new challenges (WNYC)
  • Google’s chief head hunter says grades and tests scores in school are ‘worthless.’ (Corner Office)
  • Sol Stern offers three recommended education priorities for the next mayor to adopt. (City Journal)
  • A teacher who piloted the Regents grading system said even then there were problems. (HuffPo)