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Rise & Shine: Regents grading delays stretch into weekend

  • The city is scrambling to find teachers who will score ungraded Regents tests. (GothamSchools)
  • The vendor choice to oversee the grading was cheapest, but maybe not the best. (GothamSchools)
  • Brooklyn Tech’s large senior class, one of many, must hold its graduation at Barclays Center. (WSJ)
  • NY1’s Tokyo school trips yielded many short stories and a longer one this weekend. (NY1234)
  • Joe Lhota praised Bloomberg and implored UFT to cooperate. (GothamSchoolsPolitickerCapNYNY1)
  • Joel Klein: A grim national report on teacher preparation confirms the need for an entry exam. (News)
  • Dallas hopes to fund expanded pre-K by offering high school students an early graduation. (Texas Trib)
  • A charter school serving students in the child welfare system reached a five-year milestone. (Daily News)
  • Bill Thompson was back at UFT headquarters for an event the morning after being endorsed. (Post)
  • Catholic school closings in New York City threaten to strip a choice from students of color. (Times)
  • The Bronx teacher accused of raping a 10-year-old student sent her a disturbing email afterwards. (Post)
  • As part of the Daily News “heroes” series, a teacher who resuscitated a student in cardiac arrest.
  • Parents will soon find out if a contaminated school in the Bronx has long-term health effects. (News)