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Remainders: On the unexpected lessons from Regents week

  • One lesson from the hard slog of Regents week: that students are good people. (View from the Bronx)
  • Teacher Marc Epstein puts the current Regents scoring fiasco into an historical context. (HuffPo)
  • A new documentary profiles a Newark high school teacher of students with autism. (Answer Sheet)
  • A researcher says criticism of testing in New York City is fair, but a real plan is needed. (Eric Horowitz)
  • Jessica Siegel says she knows from a phone call that StudentsFirstNY is planning a comeback. (HuffPo)
  • A teacher breaks down and learns from his students’ responses to a survey he gave. (Larry Ferlazzo)
  • City schools have very different yields from parent fundraising, which a map shows. (N.Y. World)
  • In Japan, one out of 40 students refuses to go to school, and few school options exist for them. (NY1)
  • A UFT official sees a disheartening future and a need for change in the city’s graduation rate. (Edwize)
  • A cigar store will have to close after smoking up Millennium High School’s gym. (Downtown Express)
  • Having to round up support for their classes can feel like groveling for teachers. (TAL via Hechinger)
  • City teens, with the Center for Court Innovation, have ideas for curbing absenteeism. (Insideschools)