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Remainders: A teacher tours the classroom he’s leaving behind

  • A teacher who is moving on to a new school takes a photo tour of his classroom. (Rational Expressions)
  • A study of New York City’s school surveys says teachers give more useful data. (Inside School Research)
  • Teachers Arthur Goldstein and Gary Rubinstein won Class Size Matters’s Skinny Awards. (Ed Notes)
  • Overhauled versions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act are under debate. (Politics K-12)
  • Here’s a detailed rundown of the devastating budget cuts facing Philadelphia schools. (In These Times)
  • Tom Vander Ark lists strategies that smart districts can use to maintain top teachers. (On Innovation)
  • Bill de Blasio released a comprehensive policy agenda including an education platform. (GS In Brief)
  • New Yorkers for Great Public Schools is attacking Bloomberg aide Howard Wolfson. (City & State)