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Rise & Shine: Summers, final grades at risk from scoring snafus

  • Eighth graders at a Brooklyn school were told they flunked exams that were in fact misplaced. (Post)
  • Officials are racing to fix glitchy grading on high school exams before graduation. (GothamSchools)
  • The UFT’s preparations to endorse and support a mayoral candidate are unprecedented. (Times)
  • More siblings are getting preference in the city’s elite gifted programs than two years ago. (WSJ)
  • BiIll Thompson, who is seeking the union’s pick, has courted Bloomberg allies, too. (GothamSchools)
  • A top Bloomberg aide cast a preemptive shot at Thompson for his Board of Education tenure. (Post)
  • The principals union endorsed Thompson a day before teachers make their pick. (GothamSchools, WSJ)
  • Arne Duncan told states with new standards they don’t have to impose evaluations yet. (Times, HuffPo)
  • New York, a state that hasn’t slowed down, approved a new “enhanced” growth model. (GothamSchools)
  • A first-ever report on teacher prep schools found many of New York’s programs lacking. (Times Union)
  • Washington Post: Despite its controversial reception, the report could lead to groundbreaking reforms.
  • Boston is poised to become the latest city to make condoms broadly available in schools. (Times)
  • Parents want the city to remove their principal after learning he made threatening remarks. (Daily News)
  • The Daily News says the DOE should easily be able to remove school staff who threaten student safety.
  • Salad bars were installed in Staten Island school cafeterias, bringing the borough total to 50. (Advance)
  • One of Bill de Blasio’s new ideas is to model 100 new schools on Harlem Children’s Zone. (Times)