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Remainders: Some co-locations are controversial, but not all

  • Sometimes, school space-sharing plans stir up controversy. Sometimes, they don’t. (Brooklyn Bureau)
  • A special education teacher recounts the saga of waiting for an observation that never came. (Miss Rim)
  • Joel Klein is still not sure how the market will respond to Amplify, but he’s optimistic. (Fast Company)
  • A new video profiles two schools that are teaching Asian languages to their students. (Asia Society)
  • Houston is considering using student surveys for up to 30 percent of teachers’ ratings. (Joanne Jacobs)
  • A city teacher who once backed the Common Core says she has changed her mind. (Living in Dialogue)
  • In a new video, the State Education Department tries to win over Common Core skeptics. (GS in Brief)
  • The city is opening 29 new dual-language programs this fall: what they are and where. (Insideschools)