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Remainders: A parent PAC endorses Bill de Blasio for mayor

  • The Educational Justice Political Action Committee, a parent group, endorsed Bill de Blasio. (GS in Brief)
  • A Portland, Ore., high school principal is returning to New York as an achievement coach. (Oregonian)
  • The city has redesigned more than 50 playgrounds to encourage imaginative and creative play. (WSJ)
  • The “faulty logic of the ‘math wars'” is that skills are required for creative math thinking. (The Stone)
  • An argument to improve educational attainment by redirecting subsidies from the well-off. (Opinionator)
  • In the remake of “Boy Meets World,” Corey is a seventh-grade New York City history teacher. (Gawker)
  • Students at The Equity Project Charter School are bigger than they were four years ago. (Times)
  • Carol Burris says her close read of New York City’s teacher evaluation plan raises concerns. (DR’s Blog)
  • View every city high school’s graduation rate, charted over time, in one place. (WNYC/SchoolBook)