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Remainders: Holding the line between curriculum and standards

  • Peter Meyer: Maintaining the distinction between curriculum and standards is important. (IdeaLab)
  • Detroit is finding uses for its no-longer-needed school buildings, as theaters and public spaces. (HuffPo)
  • Parents are finding out this week whether their children are being held back this year. (Insideschools)
  • Rapidly increasing charter school quality and quantity might not be compatible goals. (Shanker)
  • A teacher writes to Bill Gates on behalf of a student unhappy about his scores. (Critical Classrooms)
  • A Democrats for Education Reform analyst offers one take on the city’s evaluation system. (TFER)
  • Brooklyn Urban Garden School, a new charter, is still accepting applications for the fall. (DNA Info)
  • The union that represents city principals endorsed parent Noah Gotbaum for City Council. (NYPress)
  • A new app offers a UFT-filtered view into political candidates in the city and beyond. (Apple via Azi)
  • After indicting existing teacher prep programs, a teacher offers suggestions. (View from the Bronx)
  • State Education Chief John King is speaking at an upstate charter school’s graduation. (Syracuse.com)