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Remainders: Newark’s schools chief puts closures on hold

  • An ex-DOE aide under Joel Klein wants to reexamine how schools are closed in Newark. (NJ Spotlight)
  • Analyzing emails she received from educators, Lucy Calkins assesses the state’s reading test. (R&WP)
  • A detailed look at the challenges of implementing evaluations in New York City. (EdWeek)
  • In New Haven, labor relations with teachers are looked to as a national model.  (Time/Hechinger)
  • College dropouts saddled in debt still fare better in life than people who didn’t go at all. (Wonkblog)
  • A hedge fund manager escalated his dispute with Randi Weingarten over pensions. (Bloomberg)
  • InBloom directors say they’ll improve communications with the public. (NYC Public School Parents)
  • The UFT shot back at a bluntly-worded memo about its role in the mayoral campaign. (GS In Brief)
  • Early reaction from political observers say Jack Hidary’s mayoral prospects are dim. (Crain’s NY)