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Parent activist nabs DC 37 job

Mona Davids, the executive director of the New York City Parents Union, a group that she founded, has just announced that she is taking a job as the head of Public Policy and Political Action at Local 372, a chapter of the DC-37 labor union. Local 372 represents paraprofessionals, parent coordinators, and other school workers.

Last week, Davids launched an agressive campaign against mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s proposal to eliminate the parent coordinator position from each school.

In a press release today from New York City Parents Union, Davids said she would continue to operate that group even while working for DC-37.

“With my son entering kindergarten in September and my daughter entering 10th grade, I am invested in the public school system for the next 13 years,” she said. “My new role presents me, the NYCPU and Local 372 with opportunities to do even more for public school parents and children. I will continue the fight to ensure that every child receives equal access to a high quality education.”

Read the complete press release here. And check out our coverage of DC-37’s (unsuccessful) fight to prevent layoffs of paraprofessionals in 2011.