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City announces the 20 schools that will have longer school days

Chancellor Dennis Walcott and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn have announced the 20 middle schools whose sixth-graders will get extra instruction time starting this fall.

These middle schools are part of a 40-school expansion of the Middle School Quality Initiative, which was started by the chancellor two years ago to provide more support for middle schools.

The 20 schools with longer days were chosen randomly from 130 schools that requested to be part of the pilot program. With the two and a half hours of extra time, students will have intensive literacy tutoring and other extracurricular activities. The principals from the schools are meeting with department officials today to learn more about the MSQI and the extended learning day program.

Walcott, who first announced this initiative in April, has made middle schools his priority through the MSQI program, which will now include a total of 89 schools. The expansion is costing $6.2 million with most of the funds coming from Robin Hood and the New York City Council and about $1.55 million from the DOE.

Harvard University’s EdLabs will be creating the curriculum for the extended day program and also train literacy tutors to send into schools for at least hour-long sessions with students. Also, the After-School Corporation will help pair schools with community-based organizations who will lead activities such as chess or yoga for students.

Below are the schools who will be included in MSQI and the extended learning day program. Schools labeled “MSQI 3” have only been added to the MSQI and will not have an extended day.

School Name Cohort Borough
Juan Morel Campos Secondary School MSQI + Pilot Brooklyn
M.S. 223 The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology MSQI + Pilot Bronx
Waterside School for Leadership MSQI + Pilot Queens
PS/IS 116 William C. Hughley MSQI + Pilot Queens
Queens United Middle School MSQI + Pilot Queens
Eagle Academy for Young Men MSQI + Pilot Bronx
The Highbridge Green School MSQI + Pilot Bronx
East Flatbush Community Research School MSQI + Pilot Brooklyn
P.S. 043 MSQI + Pilot Queens
J.H.S. 143 Eleanor Roosevelt MSQI + Pilot Manhattan
South Bronx Academy for Applied Media MSQI + Pilot Bronx
I.S. 30 Mary White Ovington MSQI + Pilot Brooklyn
Renaissance School of the Arts MSQI + Pilot Manhattan
Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change MSQI + Pilot Manhattan
I.S. 340 MSQI + Pilot Brooklyn
Andries Hudde MSQI + Pilot Brooklyn
Frederick Douglass Academy V. Middle School MSQI + Pilot Bronx
P.S. 109 MSQI + Pilot Brooklyn
J.H.S. 123 James M. Kieran MSQI + Pilot Bronx
Village Academy MSQI + Pilot Queens
Academy of Public Relations MSQI 3 Bronx
Hunter’s Point Community Middle School MSQI 3 Queens
Urban Science Academy MSQI 3 Bronx
Brownsville Collaborative Middle School MSQI 3 Brooklyn
Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science, The MSQI 3 Bronx
J.H.S. 050 John D. Wells MSQI 3 Brooklyn
Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of the Arts MSQI 3 Brooklyn
P.S. 007 Samuel Stern MSQI 3 Manhattan
Kappa V MSQI 3 Brooklyn
Accion Academy MSQI 3 Bronx
P.S. 157 Benjamin Franklin MSQI 3 Brooklyn
Middle School 322 MSQI 3 Manhattan
P.S. 089 Bronx MSQI 3 Bronx
Staten Island School of Civic Leadership MSQI 3 Staten Island
I.S. 232 MSQI 3 Bronx
East Fordham Academy for the Arts MSQI 3 Bronx
I.S. 238 Susan B Anthony MSQI 3 Queens
P.S. 20 P.O. George J. Werdan III MSQI 3 Bronx
M.S. 246 Walt Whitman MSQI 3 Brooklyn
J.H.S. 014 Shell Bank MSQI 3 Brooklyn

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