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Remainders: Some city schools favor the arts against all odds

  • Some schools continue to prioritize the arts, despite well-known incentives not to. (Brooklyn Bureau)
    All about high school Regents exams, which students start taking for the year on Tuesday. (SchoolBook)
  • A new report finds that Latino students are often shut out of science learning in Chicago. (Catalyst)
  • Traditional allies of the Bloomberg administration’s school policies have been mum lately. (Crain’s NY)
  • The principal of Brooklyn’s PATHS, a performing arts school, is leaving for a New Rochelle job. (Patch)
  • Bill Thompson’s comments on school discipline have him navigating a fine line. (Capital NY)
  • New York City is encouraging educators and entrepreneurs to communicate effectively. (TechCrunch)
  • The Paddlewheeler helped the PTA at P.S. 8 get closer to its fundraising goal. (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
  • A city teacher says she is worried that emotion in literature is being lost under the Common Core. (Times)
  • Mona Davids of the New York City Parents Union has a new job at DC 37’s Local 372. (GS in Brief)
  • Teachers at a British school celebrated their students’ exam scores by dancing “Gangnam Style.” (BBC)