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Educators 4 Excellence: “Effective implementation will be key”

Jonathan Schleifer, the executive director of the teacher advocacy group, just sent over this statement on the city’s new teacher evaluation system:

Commissioner King has composed a very promising evaluation system that not only includes a variety of measures including multiple observations and student surveys, but also provides teachers with a real voice in how their performance is evaluated. By providing educators with the opportunity to weigh in on how student growth is assessed in their school and choice over their own observations, the Commissioner creates a system in which all stakeholders—principals, teachers and students—are truly invested in raising achievement. As a result, for the first time teachers might finally receive the feedback and support they have long craved and feel confident that they are held accountable in a fair and objective manner. Effective implementation will be key to this evaluation system’s success but this is a critical first step. Educators 4 Excellence’s 7,000 NY members thank the Commissioner for breaking through the logjam that has pervaded this debate for far too long and devising a thoughtful system that holds great potential for the future of New York City’s public schools.

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