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Remainders: Ensuring small classes for all, or maybe just some

  • Sara Mosle: As a compromise, why don’t we just give small classes to high-need students? (Opinionator)
  • But that plan could discourage middle-class families from choosing public schools. (Dana Goldstein)
  • A researcher compiled 12 ways that charter schools, nationally, might influence enrollment. (TC Record)
  • School newspapers are seeking alternatives now that an online clearinghouse is closing. (SchoolBook)
  • A student covers Chancellor Walcott’s visit to John Dewey HS, which he tried to close. (Dewey Current)
  • Students at Sunset Park High School have set up a repository for testing stories. (Cut Down Testing)
  • The principal of P.S. 256 in Brooklyn says the school is as it was when it struggled, but better. (DNA Info)
  • An argument in favor of doing away grades centers on self-esteem and their obvious futility. (Slate)
  • Jay Mathews urges districts to reveal cheating by talking to students who maybe saw it. (Class Struggle)
  • Bulletproof school furnishings are being marketed heavily to fear-filled school districts. (N.Y. Now)
  • A Newark school wants to engage students with a Daddy- (but not father)- daughter dance. (Star-Ledger)
  • A Chicago teacher says he understands why students there are protesting and appreciates it. (Ebony)
  • Scientists are backing the student expelled because of an experiment gone wrong. (Miami New Times)

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