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Remainders: City teachers recount time and tenure struggles

  • A city teacher says colleagues didn’t get tenure because their school struggles. (Social Justice Solutions)
  • A city teacher tells Bill Gates how he can help her gain time to reach more students. (Critical Classrooms)
  • A city parent who wants diverse schools says she struggles with finding ones that work for her. (HuffPo)
  • Teachers who took over a New Haven school are finding that their power is actually limited. (N.H. Indy)
  • A Newark school lost many of its teachers midyear. Here’s how it’s moving forward. (Hechinger)
  • Here’s a proposal for creative disruption of the “kind of shady” school yearbook industry. (Slate)
  • A fifth-grader from P.S. 26 in Queens replaced City Councilman Mark Weprin last week. (Politicker)
  • Nicholas Lemann: Why Michelle Rhee and reformers insist on melodrama is a mystery. (New Republic)
  • After seeing students at a District 75 school perform a play, a wealthy couple opened their wallets. (WSJ)
  • Los Angeles’s mayor-elect’s wife has worked in education reform in the past. (L.A. School Report)
  • A teacher’s deepest secrets include napping in his room and not endorsing the profession. (TeachBad)
  • State Sen. Brad Hoylman wants the state to release test questions. (And a little sneak peek: GS In Brief)

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