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Remainders: Philly latest district to get 'community schools' bug

  • Philadelphia advocates are trying to drum up support for Cincinnati-ish “community schools.” (Notebook)
  • The city’s revamp of vocational schools must balance twin focuses on college and careers. (SchoolBook)
  • A national StudentsFirst official says he wants proof from critics of Bloomberg’s school policies. (HuffPo)
  • Performance pay is back on legislators’ agenda, after a possibly research-related lull. (Teacher Beat)
  • A mom says she’ll vote to pay more taxes for her kids’ schools, but she won’t give her time. (Broad Side)
  • Less known than how students sort into schools is how they’re sorted once they’re there. (Shanker)
  • Like many states and districts, Washington, D.C., is hoping the Common Core is a cure-all. (Hechinger)
  • One D.C. middle school is also trying to overhaul its math instruction with computers. (Greater Greater)
  • I talked about our election feature, The Next Education Mayor, on “Road to City Hall” on Thursday. (NY1)

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