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Remainders: In defense of Big (corporate) Data (about students)

  • A social scientist says he wants stronger arguments against big student data systems. (Peer-Reviewed)
  • For International Women’s Day, high school students testified at the United Nations. (Feminist Teacher)
  • Critical thinking is a big deal at New Visions Charter HS for the Humanities. (Innovations for Learning)
  • L.A.’s mayor says he’s glad he got Mike Bloomberg involved in local school politics. (L.A. School Report)
  • How about a taxonomy of education policy instead of one of the policies’ supporters? (More Thoughtful)
  • Does having more police in schools make them safer? Los Angeles teens say probably not. (Color Lines)
  • A new blog, Education by the Numbers, will examine what data can tell us about education. (Hechinger)
  • An exhibit in D.C. looks at how schools can be designed to foster environmental awareness. (Dot Earth)
  • A Massachusetts high school lets students devise and run their own semester-long programs. (Jezebel)

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