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Rise & Shine: New data detail racial inequities in gifted programs

  • White and Asian students make up 70 percent of the city’s gifted programs but 30 percent overall. (WSJ)
  • The city’s Chancellor Parent Advisory Committee is getting the UFT’s help to lobby in Albany. (Post)
  • A Queens students’ commute to Bronx Science is so long it has made an international exhibit. (Post)
  • On the radio, Mayor Bloomberg reiterated his preference for good teachers over small classes. (Post)
  • A middle school set to open in Highbridge this fall has an elite environmental rating. (Daily News)
  • Private school deposits are due this week, before public school admissions letters are out. (Post)
  • In an audit, Comptroller John Liu found shortcomings in the city’s system for tracking bullying. (NY1)
  • An eighth-grader pepper-sprayed classmates at P.S./I.S. 218 in the Bronx on Friday. (Fox NY)
  • A teacher who wouldn’t take a psychiatric exam for 14 years took one last year and was reinstated. (Post)
  • Wealthy school districts in New York State still spend more per student than poor districts. (Lo-Hud)
  • As coursework and exams move online, new services are emerging to monitor for cheating. (Times)
  • The national money and attention going to Los Angeles’s school board races reflect a trend. (Times)
  • The role of standardized testing and push-back against it are big issues in Los Angeles. (L.A. Times)
  • Washington, D.C., officials are in talks with the teachers union to extend the school day and year. (AP)
  • Two corporate executives say funding expanded preschool access is a good move for capitalism. (Times)
  • Concerns are growing as a national Gates Foundation-funded student data system launches. (Reuters)

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