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Rise & Shine: At Stevenson's 9 schools, improvement and stasis

News from New York City:

  • The Stevenson campus’s nine schools show what did and didn’t change after Stevenson shut. (Times)
  • Anissa Chalmers, principal of the Bronx’s unruly P.S. 132, starred in “Gang Girl,” a violent film. (Post)
  • Chancellor Walcott is “aghast” at the content of the film, which the city said was okay to make. (Post)
  • A Common Core-aligned reading curriculum approved by the state includes war-oriented books. (Post)
  • Fewer black and Hispanic students got into the city’s top high schools this year. (GothamSchools, Post)
  • Overall, 80 percent of students got into one of their top-choice high schools. (Daily News, SchoolBook)
  • The UFT and Mayor Bloomberg are sparring after the union proposed mayoral control changes. (NY1)
  • The Post says that if the UFT wants changes to mayoral control, Mayor Bloomberg must be succeeding.
  • Across the city, schools and libraries are being rebuilt by private firms in development deals. (Times)
  • A Bronx principal who said prom wouldn’t happen unless all students graduated pulled the threat. (Post)
  • Eagle Academy’s expansion to Harlem comes after a decade of serving boys elsewhere. (Daily News)
  • The Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction praised the student killed by police. (Post)

And beyond:

  • A study found that poor students with top grades and scores often do not consider top colleges. (Times)
  • California could suspend some standardized testing while computer-based tests are built. (L.A. Times)
  • Mississippi’s governor is asking schools to create policies to allow students to pray at school. (Times)
  • One Mississippi district that’s under fire for being segregated has an integrated high school. (WSJ)
  • Nationally, schools are often willing to including transgender students, but disputes still arise. (Times)
  • The mother of a girl who has been out of school after bullying at P.S. 188 is suing the city. (Daily News)
  • A Texas-based program that helps math and science majors get prepared to teach got new funds. (WSJ)
  • State data about bullying in schools in unreliable because reporting happens unevenly. (Times Union)

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