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Rise & Shine: Lawsuit aims at teacher-eval school budget cuts

  • A lawyer who’s won funding fights before is suing over the state’s teacher evaluation budget cuts. (WSJ)
  • The Bloomberg administration wants to set charter school co-locations to would start after 2013. (Post)
  • Celia Cruz HS’s principal is in hot water over woes staff say are not the school’s worst. (GothamSchools)
  • Even after paying for cabs and Metrocards, the city says it is saving funds in the bus strike. (Daily News)
  • The city’s charter sector wants legislators to let its schools receive state pre-K funds. (GothamSchools)
  • Bill Phillips says Cuomo’s “charter lockout” will end up hobbling his push for better pre-k. (Post)
  • A report about toxins that forced the city to move P.S. 51 in the Bronx is still not out. (Daily News)
  • Changes to the GED test, which the state hopes to replace, will make it harder and costlier. (Daily News)
  • The Collegiate School, a elite private boys school, solved its space-sharing woes by buying land. (Times)
  • Folks in Cincinnati are noticing that their “community schools” model is big in New York City. (Enquirer)
  • D.C.’s city council is weighing a bill to make cheating on standardized tests illegal. (Washington Post)
  • Connecticut might let districts slow down on new teacher evaluations to soothe fears. (Hartford Courant)

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