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Remainders: Cathie Black's four easy tips on how to be a leader

  • Former New York City schools chancellor Cathie Black gives advice on how to be a boss. (Media Bistro)
  • After years of taking no position, Diane Ravitch formally came out against Common Core. (Diane’s Blog)
  • In academia, the jury is out on whether homework improves student learning. (District Administration)
  • A series of data visualizations to show how sequestration will put the hurt on schools. (Business Insider)
  • A Queens teacher was warned by the city to stop working in his school as a custodian. (City Room)
  • Advocates say children are being used as pawns in the city’s and state’s teacher evaluation fights. (NBC)
  • Survey: Three of four teachers use cell phones as a tool to help their classroom instruction. (Mashable)
  • The UFT’s upstart opposition caucus produced a lengthy ad ahead of the union elections. (DOE NUTS)
  • Suburban Chicago districts are giving parents a heads up about a likely drop in test scores. (Tribune)
  • A college-prep course’s teacher learns her students’ ambitions through storytelling. (GS Community)
  • One poll found that an overwhelming majority of teachers support armed guards in their schools. (CNN)

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