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Remainders: What schools can do with $500, and $1.3 billion

  • A special education teacher lists what she bought her classroom with an extra $500. (Ms Speducate)
  • Ed Secretary Arne Duncan listed $1.3 billion in “sequester” cuts to special ed and Title I. (Politics K-12)
  • A teacher preferred one of the special ed classes at a city KIPP school over the other. (Gary Rubinstein)
  • A teacher describes the technical challenges he ran into as his students made videos. (NYC Educator)
  • Illinois educators are alarmed by a state proposal to do away with special ed class size caps. (Catalyst)
  • Los Angeles isn’t the only place where national education reformers are going local. (HuffPo/Hechinger)
  • A quick and dirty summary of what’s going on in L.A. right now says the union still has an edge. (Russo)
  • A study of teachers who used Student Learning Objectives found benefits for students. (Teacher Beat)
  • Some Massachusetts lawmakers want schools to stop writing home about students’ weight. (BuzzFeed)
  • On Business Computer Applications and Entrepreneurship High School’s closure hearing. (ICE-UFT)
  • A warning: Without a good definition for teacher leadership, there will be few takers. (Future of Teaching)
  • Building on what P-TECH is doing in Brooklyn, the state and IBM will partner on schools. (
  • A mother describes tumbling down the slippery slope toward doing her son’s homework. (Insideschools)

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