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Remainders: After the bus strike, moving forward intelligently

  • Now that the bus strike is over, a call for thinking about how the city does special ed. (Ms Speducate)
  • Some members of the school bus drivers union are angry about how the strike ended. (Socialist Worker)
  • A 17-year Los Angeles teacher who did not get a Bloomberg donation issues a challenge. (Patch)
  • A teacher recalls his first year in the classroom, when he was transitioning to being a man. (BuzzFeed)
  • Professors are reading the high school teacher’s letter on students’ poor readiness. (Inside Higher Ed)
  • A former teacher who now works on tech for educators explains the app he created. (New Visions)
  • The city is considering tearing down two West Side schools and developing the lots. (West Side Rag)
  • The former press secretary for Ed Sec Arne Duncan is Joel Klein’s latest hire at Amplify. (Answer Sheet)
  • A critique of tying teacher pay to outcomes is that doctors aren’t paid that way. But they could be. (HuffPo)
  • Finland has the same number of teachers as New York City, but only half as many students. (Guardian)
  • Principals describe the difficult and constantly evolving job of running a city school. (Brian Lehrer)

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