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Remainders: Seven paths to college prep for seven high schools

  • Students at the Taft Campus’s seven small high schools discuss their readiness for college. (City Limits)
  • During winter teachers get a break from the duty of enforcing dress codes, a teacher writes. (Atlantic)
  • A city school librarian says he is underused, but it doesn’t have to be that way. (Ed on the Plate)
  • “I am a victim of the A.P. test,” says a Queens high school senior who has taken eight. (SchoolBook)
  • Private school hopefuls are learning if they’re in, out, on a real wait list, or being humored. (Daily Beast)
  • What’s the issue with tablets? Content, monitoring, and getting student answers. (Digital Book World)
  • Early childhood experts analyze Obama’s pre-K proposal and handicap its chances. (Early Ed Watch)
  • Anticipating opposition to the proposal, a pre-K advocate tears down common critiques. (Sara Mead)
  • Weingarten, Bloomberg, Ravitch, and Klein have one thing in common: They’re all Jewish. (Forward)
  • A teacher says the city’s current teaching corps could learn from its predecessors’ 1968 strike. (Assailed)

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