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Remainders: The school issues behind invisible Dasani’s story

  • The role of school factors heavily into the The New York Times’ tale of a homeless girl’s life. (GS In brief)
  • Learning Matters is giving away tickets to a talk with Lee Hirsch, director of “Bully.” Email if you want one!
  • Sol Stern explains the personal reasons for joining one side of the curriculum wars. (City Journal)
  • Cold water is thrown on rumors that Kaya Henderson could be the city’s next chancellor. (Answer Sheet)
  • Larry Littlefield chronicles cushy pension sweeteners that city teachers have received in recent decades.
  • How educators in schools can think and talk differently to breed better collaboration. (Ms SpEducate)
  • Stanford researcher Linda Darling-Hammond said she’s not a candidate for chancellor. (GS in Brief)
  • An evaluation of Connecticut schools shows most charters outperform nearby schools. (NECharters.org)
  • A beloved teacher busted for pot – wrongly, he says – was quickly removed from his school. (Buzzfeed)
  • A writer struggling through a co-location story breaks for a fleeting celebration of Madiba’s life. (HuffPo)
  • For siblings who were beaten by school classmates, one transferred quickly, but the other can’t. (DNA)
  • City lawmakers are poised to pass a resolution calling for changes to state testing policies. (GS in Brief)