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Rise & Shine: High graduation rates gives Bloomberg final brag

  • Graduation rates hit a record high. (GothamSchoolsWSJSchoolbookDaily News, NY1PostC-NY)
  • Ways to save money: sharing school staff and keeping them inside city zip codes. (GothamSchools)
  • Some people traveled more than 100 miles to a forum to vent about the Common Core. (Buffalo News)
  • Complaints from families with special education students seeking private school tuition is up. (News)
  • A Bronx parent says abuse complaints by her 9-year-old daughter have been ignored. (Riverdale Press)
  • Campbell Brown criticizes Gov. Andrew Cuomo for not speaking up for the Common Core. (News)
  • One in five parents say their young children get 15 minutes or less to eat lunch in school. (NPR)
  • Professors are developing online coursework to help high school students with tough concepts. (Times)
  • Why “The Hunger Games” trilogy makes for historically great textbooks for civics class. (WSJ)
  • The school system’s biggest bus operator is closing after failing to cut labor costs. (News, Schoolbook)